Luft is Leftloft's think tank devoted to developing a creative thinking and a collaborative production through design. In German, “Luft” means “air”, a new, engaging breeze to be spread all around. Luft is a game changer that applies the principles of design to our work habits, developing an innovative, responsive and empathic organizational culture.

We believe that Brains and Beauty walk together and that managers and creatives, technicals and intellectuals should no longer work separately. Luft connects different talents on the same playground, merging their thoughts, networks, and competencies. It invites to work together and build up a design-oriented and prototype-based approach to contemporary challenges and horizons.

Luft operates both in the public and in the private sectors and works for institutions, companies, and organizations. By setting the stage for a new way of thinking, working and living, Luft aims to inspire new conversations, collaborations, and projects. And will manage change.